Volunteer at Swings & Smiles

Volunteering for Swings & Smiles will cover a wide range of areas and skills. You will be joining a team and can expect to:

  • Be part of an environment where the self esteem, health, confidence and social skills of children with special needs (0-19yrs) and their siblings can be increased through accessible play and recreation.
  • Be part of a service that provides parents with an opportunity to meet others who have children with special needs, to lessen their isolation and to increase their ability to support their children through play.
  • Help the community gain understanding and acceptance of disability issues so they can include children with special needs within their own community activities.

Contact us now to register your interest and we will ensure that your help is put to the best possible use. Either telephone 01635 285170 or email lucille@swingsandsmiles.co.uk

Coming to Swings & Smiles is a happy and satisfying experience. Working with highly motivated and qualified staff provides me with the confidence to really get involved. The families that use the centre are lovely and it is a real pleasure to see Swings & Smiles provide the service that it has strived for so long to achieve. Volunteering at Swings & Smiles is brilliant, come and join us!” Quona Bucksey, Volunteer