Our Facilities

We are able to offer specialist play resources to enable children with a wide range of disabilities to play with siblings and other family members in a secure and safe environment with appropriate services and equipment available.

Sensory Room

This room offers vital sensory equipment to alert movement, sight, sound and smell – critical senses when communication is poor. The room can be used as a quiet contemplative area, with opportunities for siblings and parents to create sensory experiences.

Activity Area

The activity area offers opportunities for themed art, cooking or sensory based play. These sessions are planned with the specific needs of the children attending in mind so are adapted on a session by session basis.

Soft Play

These areas offer an exciting range of play activities including a soft play area with a soft play den; balance beam; interactive ballpool and a musical piano keyboard floor mat to name but a few. Throughout this room there are a wide range of activities on offer that are suitable for both special needs children and their siblings.

Play Zone

This space is full of toys and fun activities to take part in.  As with the activity area, we adapt the toys and equipment that we have available to suit the age and developmental needs of the children attending and their siblings.


We have a large outdoor area available which comprises a large playground for letting off steam as well as a smaller quiet garden with slide, bike track and gardening area. You will find messy play out here as well as other themed outdoor fun and games. This area is still under development and we are soon hoping to have swings to suit all abilities as well as other accessible equipment.